Theme Optimization Coming!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ok so I have slacked on this (png optimizing and zip aligning, lucky for us I have a couple of techniques to squeeze every bit of performance out of an apk (android package)... xda has some of my work which I posted on this subject. Expect all the themes to shrink in size, you might even see a small performance increase.

Each theme will take about 30 minutes to optimize and I'll need about 30 minutes to work out the script so the automation is in line.

Updates to black gloss will be tonight, the rest will come tomorrow and Wednesday. 


Timothy said...

how do i include the htc clock widget? i cant find it in the widget list. am using htc desire hd and go launcher black gloss theme. thanks

Aaron Scott said...

The black gloss theme doesn't work on jelly bean. Please fix this.

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